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African/Black Psychology in the American Context: an African-Centered Approach - kobi Kambon

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African/Black Psychology in the American Context

AFRICAN/BLACK PSYCHOLOGY IN THE AMERICAN CONTEXT: AN AFRICAN-CENTERED APPROACH (1998). This book is a first of its kind textbook in the area based on the author’s extensive research and more than 30 years of experience in teaching the subject. It addresses the application of African-Centered psychological models to all aspects of Black life in America toward the goal of African racial-cultural empowerment and liberation. The book comprises some 16 chapters organized into four parts: Part I: Historical Foundations of African/Black Psychology; Part II: Paradigmatic Foundations and Issues; Part III: Recent Historical and Contemporary Expressions of African/Black Psychology; and Part IV: Concepts and Issues in African/Black Psychology. It includes a glossary and an extensive bibliography. December 1998, over 560 pages, ISBN 0-9633963-1-5