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Afrikan Djeli

Fundamentals of the Yoruba Religion - Chief FAMA

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This book provides detailed instruction of practical usage of Ifa by practitioners and non-practitioners and answers many questions with respect to “How to pray the Ifa way.” The book, “The Bible” of the traditional Yoruba Religion, is 6×9, has 271 pp with photographs. It is written in English with Yoruba and has a comprehensive glossary. Fundamentals of the Yoruba Religion (Òrìsà Worship) began with Chief FAMA’s early quest for knowledge of the Òrìsà; her positive experiences, initially, with the officials of Orunmila Temple in Lagos, Nigeria and an opportunity to write for an Orunmila Magazine. The book has been diligently researched and is an enchanting yet powerful overview of Yoruba religion. It is written in a friendly, readable style and many aspects of Yoruba are discussed.