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Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life

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Kindergarten-Grade 3–Hewitt Anderson is a normal-sized boy born into a family of giants who firmly believe that bigger is better. At the age of seven, their son is so tiny that his anxious parents consult doctors and specialists from all over the world. When none of them can explain “the circumstances surrounding Hewitt’s small and unimposing stature,” the loving parents formulate some lessons in survival for the boy. However, it is the little guy himself who ends up helping them survive the lessons. They are constantly amazed at Hewitt’s resourcefulness and talents and finally realize that rather than worrying so much about his size, they should recognize that he is perfect just the way he is–something that the youngster already knows. Nelson’s funny, larger-than-life oil paintings warmly depict this African-American family and give readers a real sense of gigantic proportions. They are visions of contrasts in size. On one page Hewitt stands on the mantle looking at family photographs. He is half the size of the smallest frame. In other pictures, he is curled up fast asleep in the center of his father’s hand, or riding on the brim of his mother’s bonnet. Told in colorful language that begs to be read aloud, this humorous, oversize book offers a gentle look at accepting others as they are