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The Makings of The Little Indigo House: 33 Lessons I've Learned as a Homeschooling Mama

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When making the decision to homeschool, parents may find themselves feeling overwhelmed and uneasy about where to begin. The Makings of The Little Indigo House is a guide to aid in the process of creating a purposeful homeschool vision. As an educator since 2005 and a homeschooler for close to a decade, author Kiara Diggs shares the 33 major lessons that she has learned along her family's journey. She offers personal stories, triumphs, and honest challenges to bring comfort to her readers; and to build an authentic connection with other homeschooling parents, parents who wish to homeschool, and parents who simply want to take charge of their children's education. The vision for the book is to inspire parents to reflect on who they are, who their children are, and to gradually build a homeschool that represents their own ideas, values, goals, interests, creativity, and purpose.