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Charles Finch

Nile Valley Civilization: A 10,000 Year History by Charles Finch

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Summary (from the Introduction):

"With this book, Nile Valley Civilization: A 10,000 - Year History, weare trying to weave a tapestry of African history upon which the ancientcivilizations of the continent embroider the fabric of human life in Africa.Human origins go back 6.8 million years in Africa and Homo sapiens sapiens,i.e., anatomically modern human beings, appeared in Africa 300,000 yearsago."  "Human culture in Africa began to develop almost simultaneously withthe appearance of modern human beings so that human culture has a historyin Africa that spans nearly 300 millenia. It isn’t surprising that we would find thefirst traces of civilization—the highest phase of cultural evolution—in Africa;it would be surprising if we did not."
"Conventional history places the beginnings of ancient Egypt at 3100 B.C.  In this work, 
Dr. Charles Finch demonstrates that the civilization of ancient Egypt did not begin a 
mere 5,000 years ago, but rather was part of a much longer, much more widely-based history of civilization."