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Afrikan Djeli

Powerful Words: More Than 200 Years Of Extraordinary Writings By African Americans

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Kindergarten-Grade 3–This quiet, gentle story pays tribute to the many unnamed children who participated in the African-American struggle for civil rights. It opens: “After a night of soft rain there is a sweet smell of roses as my sister, Minnie, and I slip past Mama’s door and out of the house down Charlotte Street.” They head toward the curb market where folks, mostly adults, are gathering to listen to and march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Large, powerful charcoal images dominate the pages with particular attention paid to facial expressions. The artist shows the strength and resolve of the marchers in the face of “people who scream, shout, and say, ‘You are not right. Equality can’t be yours.’” Once the speeches are over, the sisters race home and are met at the door by their worried mother, “And as we tell her about the march, the curtains flow apart, and there is a sweet smell of roses all through our house.” The only color that appears in this book is the deep red of the ribbon around the neck of Minnie’s teddy bear, the U.S. flag, and the roses. Without going into much detail, this book nonetheless drives home the fact that children were involved in the movement and makes the experience more real for those just learning about this chapter of American history