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A stunning film with great reserves of emotional power and intelligence, Sankofa tells the story of Mona, a beautiful African-American model on a fashion shoot in West Africa who becomes enmeshed with a mystical spot that forces her to recall her racial past.

Hidden memories of her native and slave past overwhelm her and she [along with we the audience] is taken back to the days of the journey from Africa into American slavery.

In the movie, Mona, a contemporary model, is possesed by spirits lingering in the Cape Coast Slave Castle in Ghana and travels to the past, where a house servant named Shola is abused by the slave master. Nunu, an African born field hand, and Shango, Shola’s West Indian lover, continuously rebel against the slave system. Inspired by Nunu and Shango’s determination to defy the system, Shola finally takes her fate into her own hands.