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Mwalimu Baruti

Sesh: an Afrikan centered guide to writing and self-publishing for warrior scholars

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Sesh is the oldest known name for those individuals we now mistakenly call scribes. In ancient Kemetic society, it was the title bestowed on those individuals whose profession it was to record our truths, explain our vision and defend the Way of our people against the confusion of others. It remains a most honorable calling, involving the incredibly beautiful struggle of mastering independent Afrikan thought. Only those who refuse to be spiritually, psychologically and physically intimidated by this anti-Afrikan environment qualify to follow the path of a sesh. This book is also a heartfelt call for serious, conscious Afrikans to build independent publishing and distribution companies for us. If we are to develop as a self-defining, self-determining, powerful people, we must create institutions, which will champion strong, dynamic Afrikan centered interpretations of reality. Only in this way will our literature and thiking remain firmly rooted in the uncompromising traditions of our Ancestors.