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Charles Finch

Star of Deep Beginnings: The Genesis of African by Charles Finch

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The prototechnology of the modern world is traceable to iron ore mining 43,000 years ago in southern africa and to the emergence of protomathmatics from Africa’s Great Lakes region over 25,000 years ago. From these Paleolithic beginnings, science and technology underwent a steady development in Africa, and the remotest origins of formal mathematics, astronomy, engineering, architecture, navigation, and map-making can be found there. Moreover, in the cosmo-conception of the Dogon of Mali, there are distinct elements of knowledge that seem to have anticipated some of the most advanced concepts of modern physics. Outside the Nile Valley, 95% of the known archaeological sites in Africa have remained untouched by the spade. When the systematic work of archaeological recovery of Africa’s past begins in earnest, more astonishing facts about African science and technology are bound to come to light. $23 US (Science, History) ISBN