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Mwalimu Baruti

The Sex Imperative

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The Sex Imperative is an Afrikan centered analysis of the West’s obsession with sex. This book details and explains the history, nature and peculiarity of European sexual behavior and the culture which drives it. The author brings the inordinate priority of individual and group sex in European culture to our attention in a number of ways. He examines the printed, oral and visual media’s efforts to aggressively and with conscious intent highlight and promote the most extreme and individualistic sexual acts and confusions. He delves into a family of languages that since the earliest Greek writers has cultivated the degradation of females, the sexual exploitation of children and animals, the priority of sexual conquest and satiation, and a glorification of vulgarity. He analyzes the sexual personalities and behaviors of the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology whom they created and who provided the model for mortal European sexuality.