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Afrikan Djeli

Wild crafted Jamaican Sea moss

$ 50.00 $ 80.00
Pound of moss

Benefits of Sea Moss

- Rich in essential nutrients
- Boost immune system
- Reduces inflammation
- Maintains bone strength
- Nutrition for glowing, healthy skin
- Improved sexual health
- Supports a healthy gut
- Prevents Congestions
- Improves mental function
- Supports emotional health
- Supports Thyroid
- Rids body of mucus
+ More!

You will notice that you Sea Moss for the most part is a golden color, but the hues may be different throughout your sea moss. 

When you receive your Sea Moss, it is important to clean it with distilled or spring water. If you notice small rocks attached to your Sea Moss that is because it is harvested from rocks at the bottom of the ocean. You can remove those particles and rinse well. People prepare their Sea Moss many ways. Sea Moss Gel is preferable by many.

Dry Sea Moss can last up to a year if stored in cool and dry place.



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