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Shea Butter and Black Soap are excellent products to use daily for maintenance of beautiful skin. At Erzuli, we have worked for many years to develop our products to be some of the best on the market. Our Shea Butter and Black Soap is imported from West Afrika and is not to be confused with imitation shea butters and soaps that are manufactured in the US or other countries.
Black Soap is a new name for an age-old product of West Africa, and has been recently named that because of its color. One of its original names is Alata Samina (as it is known in Ghana).  This natural soap is produced by combining Palm Kernel and either Cocoa Pods or Plantain Skins and water.  Its natural color ranges from a light brown to dark brown to jet black.  Some companies are packaging what they call "Black Soap" but are using chemicals and dyes in order to produce their soap.  These chemicals and dyes, some of which the average person can't pronounce,  can have harmful effects to the skin.  Original Black Soap contains no harmful chemicals or dyes and is good for the skin and hair.
Erzuli produces Liquid Black Soap and Bar Black Soap.  So, whatever your preference, we have the right soap for you!
Here's our long and complicated list of ingredients...
Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pods, Water, essential oil or fragrance oil (except for the Unscented Products, of course).
Shea Butter is a natural cream which is produced from the Shea Nut.  Shea Nut Trees are found in many West African countries (Ghana, Cameroon, Mali, Guinea and Nigeria).  The nut is harvested, processed, and shea butter is produced.  

Shea Butter has been known for its many uses:
Its known to help maintain clear, smooth, and moist skin. Pregnant women love shea butter, because it helps prevent stretch marks in the hips, breasts and stomach. By using Erzuli Shea Butter and Erzuli Black Soap people with eczema have noticed great improvements with their skin.  Shea Butter is a good insulator during the cold months and helps block some sun rays during the warmer months. Some elderly, who are suffering from arthritis, have noticed improvement when massaging tight joints with Shea Butter.

Just want to keep your skin moisturized? Use Shea Butter daily after bathing.

Whether you have clear skin, or problem skin, Erzuli Shea Butter is a wonderful product that maintains or improves the condition of the skin and scalp.
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