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Kambon Collection (Kobi Kambon)

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The Kambon Collection includes 4 of Kambon’s work: African Personality in America, Kambon’s Reader in Liberation Psychology, and African/Black Psychology in the American Context: an African-Centered Approach and CULTURAL MISORIENTATION. This is collection is a must for any person/student studying or interested in Black/African Psychology.

AFRICAN/BLACK PSYCHOLOGY IN THE AMERICAN CONTEXT: AN AFRICAN-CENTERED APPROACH (1998). This book is a first of its kind textbook in the area based on the author’s extensive research and more than 30 years of experience in teaching the subject. It addresses the application of African-Centered psychological models to all aspects of Black life in America toward the goal of African racial-cultural empowerment and liberation. The book comprises some 16 chapters organized into four parts: Part I: Historical Foundations of African/Black Psychology; Part II: Paradigmatic Foundations and Issues; Part III: Recent Historical and Contemporary Expressions of African/Black Psychology; and Part IV: Concepts and Issues in African/Black Psychology. It includes a glossary and an extensive bibliography. December 1998, over 560 pages, ISBN 0-9633963-1-5

THE AFRICAN PERSONALITY IN AMERICA: AN AFRICAN-CENTERED FRAMEWORK (1992). This book presents a critical psychological paradigm for African survival in the 21st Century based on the authentic African Survival Thrust. It introduces key psychological constructs of African Self-Consciousness as the proactive racial-cultural liberatiing and empowering psychological force in African Americans to account for optimal Africentric functioning, and that of Cultural Misorientation to account for African American psychological victimization under Eurocentric and White supremacy cultural domination of Africans in America. The book comprises some eight (8) chapters organized around the Worldviews Paradigm as the critical framework of analysis and for understanding authentic African psychological experience, and is based on Kambon’s extensive African-centered research on Black personality spanning across some 20 –plus years of study. It includes a glossary and an extensive bibliography. August 1992, over 230 pages, ISBN 0-9633963-0-7

This book is a compilation of a select group of some of Kambon’s previously published, yet not widely disseminated, theoretical and research articles, papers and essays which span across the past 30 years representing a broad treatment of critical issues related to African-Centered Psychology and African Liberation in general. The book comprises some 11 chapters (i.e., articles written by Kambon and his collaborators) organized into four parts: Part I: Introduction; Part II: Theoretical Foundations; Part III: Research Support; and Part IV: Applications. Included are some of Kambon’s seminal works in African/Black Psychology articulating the basic constructs of African/Black personality, the Worldviews Paradigm, cultural oppression, and African mental health. This one of a kind collection also includes an extensive bibliography related to the various topics covered. June 2006, over 230 pages, ISBN 0-9633963-4-X

This book presents one of the most definitive mental health paradigms for African survival in the 21st Century to date based on the authentic African Survival Thrust. It articulates and expands upon the key Black mental health construct of Cultural Misorientation and demonstrates the manner in which this heretofore unrecognized/unacknowledged, yet widespread, condition threatens the very survival of Black people in America, the so-called Western hemisphere, and in many cases globally. Kambon brings his 30 years of intense study of this phenomenon to bear on calling our attention to and sounding the global alarm for Africans to confront this lethal psychological virus which penetrated the African psyche via the Maafa/the brutally oppressive experiences of European/Eurasian enslavement and colonialism. The book comprises an Introduction and some six (6) chapters, including a comprehensive presentation of the CM Construct/Paradigm (in terms of the basic theory, assessment, research and treatment/intervention-prevention, and social and political implications) as the correct African-centered framework for conceptualizing and understanding the mental health predicament of the African/Black community. It also includes an extensive bibliography. This book is a vital addition to Kambon’s expanding arsenal of “psychological weaponry” needed so desperately by the Black race to defend itself against all anti-Black/anti-African forces both within and outside of the race. Approximately 150 pages, ISBN 0-9633963-2-3